As a qualified and experienced team of specialists we are able to provide superior cutting services, wheel straightening, crack welding, restoration and refurbishment and repair to customers in Cheam. From quality scuff treatment to our comprehensive CNC diamond cut repair we offer our customers both on site and mobile services. Our same day service, cost efficient pricing structure and high standard of repairs make us the ideal choice for treatment of scuffed wheels, diamond cut alloy wheel restoration, crack welding, wheel straightening and refurbishment and repairs in Cheam.



Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairs in Cheam

Our same day service is structured to deliver convenient and efficient scuff removal, repairs, restoration and refurbishment. Every alloy wheel is vulnerable to a scuff from impact with kerbs. We can treat a scuffed alloy wheel quickly and if you need mobile assistance you can use our convenient booking service. You will receive a confirmation text and our mobile team will carry out the scuff removal at your home or location. Our same day service is available for all scuffed wheels and any further repair work including wheel straightening and crack welding.

In House Restoration, Repair, Refurbishment and Cutting in Cheam

We complete scuffed wheel repairs, cutting and other repair work at our well-equipped premises and we offer the convenience of the same day service. We use state of the art technology for the best possible results. From our CNC diamond cutting, wheel straightening and crack welding to complete scuff eradication, our work reflects industry best standards. We are a family run business and as a result we strive for personal services as well as quality customer care and our customers can depend on the finest in house and mobile restoration, refurbishment and diamond cutting services at affordable prices. If you need assistance with scuffed wheels, wheel straightening or crack welding and require the same day service or appointments at your convenience we can offer all the assistance you need.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs in Cheam