We are a professional and qualified team providing specialist cutting services, wheel straightening, crack welding, restoration and refurbishment and repair to customers throughout Sutton. Our services include high quality scuff treatment and comprehensive CNC diamond cut repair and we offer our customers both in-house and mobile services. Our high standard of repairs, reasonable pricing structure and same day service enable our customers to enjoy comprehensive and convenient treatment of scuffed wheels, diamond cut alloy wheel restoration, crack welding, wheel straightening and refurbishment and repairs in Sutton.



Mobile Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs in Sutton

Our same day service offers the great benefit of flexibility along with fast and efficient scuff removal, restoration, refurbishment and repairs. Each fitted alloy wheel can sustain damage such as a scuff from everyday impact with kerbs. We can quickly rectify your scuffed alloy wheel and our mobile assistance is easily arranged via our booking system. We will send a text to confirm and our team will remove any scuff at your home or present location. Our same day service is available for scuffed wheels and any other repair work including wheel straightening and crack welding.

In House Restoration, Repair, Refurbishment and Cutting in Sutton

Our array of in house and mobile services including scuffed wheel repairs, cutting and other repair work are carried out by our skilled and experienced team at our own facility and we offer our customers the same day service. The use of the very latest in technology and equipment facilitates the finest possible results.  From our CNC diamond cutting and wheel straightening to crack welding and scuff removal, our work is of the highest quality every time. We place great value in customer care and personalised services as a family operated business and we make sure that we deliver nothing less than the best in house and mobile restoration, refurbishment and diamond cutting services. If you need assistance with scuffed wheels, wheel straightening or crack welding and require the same day service or appointments at your convenience we can offer all the assistance you need at affordable costs.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs in Sutton