For drivers in Horsham looking for a fast, effective solution to damaged alloy wheels, Scuffed Wheels offers a 24 hour service that is second to none. Our capabilities extend to working with all makes and models of vehicle, and this puts us in good stead as a mobile wheel repair service in Horsham – even if your wheels are showing serious wear and tear damage, we can help restore it to its original condition or better.

We understand how frustrating it can be to suffer from problems like split or bent alloy wheels, and we are committed both to reaching you as soon as possible, no matter where that may be, and to resolve these issues quickly and decisively. The staff here at Scuffed Wheels are trained to carry out all manner of alloy wheel repairs in Horsham, with convenience and excellent customer service as standard.



Technical Knowledge and Expertise

Our business is defined by the wealth of experience and expertise that we have gathered over more than 10 years of operating in Surrey. In that time, we’ve come up against many common injuries to vehicle wheels, as well as many worried and concerned vehicle owners. In every case, we have been able to carry out essential repairs and maintenance work that fully restores the condition of the wheel at only a fraction of the cost of buying an entirely new one, as well as offering information and reassurance to our customers.

Should the damage be widespread or complicated, our mobile repair team in Horsham may not have the capacity to repair the damage “in the field”. Instead, Scuffed Wheels operates an in-house service capable of healing more extensive damage, including cracked wheels, pit hole wheels and bent wheels. Located just a 30 minute drive away in Horley, our workshop is highly equipped with the ability to complete any job that our mobile team cannot finish, covering any welding work that is required.

Specialist Wheel Repair Horsham

Some of the problems that Scuffed Wheels sees every day include:

  • Kerbing Rash
  • Scuffs & scrapes
  • Alloy S.M.A.R.T. repairs
  • Full face refurbishment when required

As well as repairing any structural problems your wheel may have suffered, the Scuffed Wheels team will also refinish your wheel to near original condition, covering powdercoating, polishing and a wheel acid strip. In addition, we can complete precision diamond wheel cutting to ensure that your wheel appears and acts naturally and balanced.

Wheel Repair Horsham